St Isidore

It’s time to say goodbye

  • Post date: July 6, 2019

It won’t come as shock to those that know us well, but the time has come for us to close the doors to St Isidore. It was a decision we made last year when on holidays; that it was time to prioritise things differently and remove some of the anxiety and stress that comes with this crazy hospitality thing.

Alex and I opened the doors when it was just the two of us and this crazy idea that we’d give it a go. Eight years later we have nothing but pride from what we have achieved, awards and hats and Top 100 – whilst awesome and things we never ever would have forseen and still remain totally chuffed – it is the fact that we are still going strong and see the same faces as we did that first week we opened. That’s the real pride. To close the doors on a high and on our own terms, is also pretty awesome.

We have loved just about every minute of our life at St Isidore. It has been our pleasure and honor to have hosted so many people that will forever be in our memories and we hope in our future. To those who bagged us because we didn’t have tablecloths, who questioned the cooking/the wine, who told us they could do it better, we thank them for providing the challenges and the opportunity to check back on what we were doing.

To those we have worked alongside, thank you. Your support in us, in our silly ideas, for sharing our worries and concerns and the success of our business – it is the team that has pulled us through.

Its time now for us to do something that works for our little family. We need Alex back in our world so we can have at least one day as a family to go the beach, or couch or do whatever it is that normal people do on weekends. To that end, we have started work on a new venture which will hopefully give us, and our staff with families, that flexibility.

It will be local, it will be Small Town Food + Wine. It was what Alex has always wanted. It will be food, it will be wine, it will be a classic stirred cocktail, it will be very cosy. It will be that place to meet up for a drink, for an oyster or a snack, for a meal. And it will have the same DNA as St Isidore, but will offer a new alternative for the area.

We want to thank all of those who came to St Isidore to eat and we are grateful to have been a part of so many memories and celebrations. Thank you for supporting our business so we could feed our families.

Our last service at St Isidore will be Saturday August 24 2019. We hope to see your faces in the last weeks and will be serving dishes from the years past. We also can’t wait to see you at Small Town in early spring. Follow us on instagram @smalltownmilton or email us for now at

Much love

Jo & Alex